Monday, October 22, 2012

I exist!

Hi! I'm still here. We've just been very busy. Pictures to come at a later date. 
Since July, here's what I've been up to: 

  1. Trip to the Keys for Mini Lobster Season! What a fun trip! We spent hours on the boat snorkeling and diving for lobsters. 
  2. Trip to Tally to see my brother graduate from FSU!! He moved up to Chicago and is settling in nicely. 
  3. Trip to Disney World and Disneyland for work. Very long, very exhausting. 
  4. We got another dog! By we, I mean Rocket Man. But, I'm calling her 'ours' because he already has 'his' dog Shadow and I want in on the fun. Mandy is a 4-yr old black lab who is the sweetest thing ever. She needs a little work on the house training, but other than that she's been a dream dog. She stays at Rocket Man's house during the week, so I miss her (and of course Shadow and Rocket Man). 
  5. Lots and varying home projects. This weekend included the purchase of a new faucet for my bathroom and two unfinished Adirondack chairs that I started staining and can't wait to put together!
That's about all. There's been other fun stuff in between, but the big stuff is covered. I can't wait to show off our cute 'family' photo. We have to have it emailed over; I only have a hard copy. 

I've made some fun recipes that I can't wait to share: bread, crepes, brownies, etc. I'll get back to posting more than I was. Promise! 

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