Friday, February 24, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Sparkler Candles?

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and tonight is a family gathering at my aunt's house. For both occasions, I am bringing cake. Because really, who doesn't love cake? 

For my mom's dinner, I made a cake from the box (sad). But, I added a little bit extra to bring the yellow cake/chocolate frosting combination to life. STRAWBERRY FILLING!! In-between those two fluffy yellow layers was a sweet, fresh and delicious layer of strawberries. We loved it! Grandma, Aunt T, Mom and Mike all enjoyed a slice. I could have continued eating, but I had to get home to finish my cake masterpiece for tonight! 

Tonight's cake is blowing my mind. Really. I don't think I've ever done something I'm so excited about. It's a Lemon Layer Cake (recipe from the March 2012 Saveur mag). Hello, delish. I made this one from scratch. And I've discovered why all my previous cake adventures have failed - grease AND flour the pan. Oh, and I also discovered the wonders of using cake flour - it's finer, it's fluffier, it's better. I made the layers last night and am finishing the lemon curd frosting today. I can't wait to eat this. I hope it turns out as beautifully as I see it in my head. 

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