Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're So Crabby

Crab legs make me happy. The cracking, the butter, the deliciousness... I smile just thinking about them. While thinking about how I'd like to make my own, I started searching for somewhere to buy my live crabs. I found this...Ms. Apple's Crab Shack. I immediately asked Rocket Man if we could try this out sometime. He was so excited that we decided to have a little seafood boil that night! 

I stopped at the store and picked up some extra items to throw in the pot while Rocket Man and cousin went to see Ms. Apple and get the crabs. They also picked up some of the garlic crab dip that Ms. Apples makes. That was AMAZING. 

Once home, we got out our big pot and threw in the following items:
  • Zatarains spicy crab/shrimp boil bag
  • Half a bag of petite red potatoes
  • One package of corn on the cob (cut in half)
  • Half of a sweet onion
  • Half of a polish kielbasa sausage
We let that boil for about 10 minutes and then threw in a pound of shrimp. While that was cooking, I added in our beautiful crabs. As soon as their little blue bodies turned pink, it was time to take them out. 

We sat down to eat and made a huge, beautiful, crabby mess. I cannot wait to try this again. 

P.S. - My photos are taken with an iPhone and I am by NO MEANS a food stylist. Sorry for their poor quality. 

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