Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Week

Today begins my birthday week. So, I get to celebrate ALL week, right? Ha. 

We've already celebrated a little. Last weekend Rocket Man got me tickets to see Wicked for my birthday! It was the last night in town and it was WONDERFUL. I've been obsessively listening to the Wicked Pandora station all week and singing along. I loved how the show was all about "good" and misunderstandings. It really puts a new perspective on how I've been looking at some things lately. 

This week will be hectic! Not only will I turn 29 (for real?!?!), but I'm also headed to Chicago for a work event. We have a meeting with some of out top leaders for the Eastern part of the country and I'm headed there as support. Unfortunately, I fly out on my birthday. :( So I won't get to spend any time with Rocket Man, my family, friends, etc. on my "special day." But, I will get to hang out with my brother on Sunday after our meetings end. I booked a late flight and will get to spend most of the day hanging out with Rick! I'm preparing for stinkin' coooold weather, too. Windy City, here I come!

You readers out there that don't leave any comments - any tips for a can't miss stop in Chicago? Especially for a cold, rainy/snowy day?? 

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